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Scrying 101

by Baroness Tamar the Gyspy

This question was received via e-mail:

I am interested in learning how to do water scrying. Is there anyone that is knowledgable enough and willing to share your information with me? I know very little about it, hence my need for help.

Baroness Tamar answers:

In my opinion, water scrying is done essentially the same way other scrying is done, by focusing on something which will help you allow your mind to produce images that will be meaningful to you. The work is done by your mind. So:

Find a quiet situation and a comfortable position. Have a bowl of water where you can focus on the surface of the water easily. Some people prefer a totally black bowl, some say that ideally it should be as close to a half-sphere as possible. If you want to try that, an inexpensive one can sometimes be found by looking at plastic Chinese rice bowls sold in some gift shops and some Chinese grocery stores. On the other hand, I am of the opinion that any waterproof container can probably be used, but a nice looking one doesn't hurt. I think it should be plain colored on the inside, though, to help eliminate distracting images.

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Some people recommend a dim room, and some like to have a candle where its light can reflect on the water. Others prefer to avoid external influence as much as possible, and make the water look as black as the bowl. (Some even put ink in the water. Then you have the extra option of watching the shapes of the swirling ink before it becomes uniformly dark.)

Think of your question, if you have one, or your general subject, if there is no specific question. It seems easier for many people when there is a definite subject.

It may be helpful to focus on the surface, but it may work better for you to focus on the bottom, or on a place in the middle. The focus should not be too sharp; you want to relax your eyes and make your mind blank to begin with. Then quietly allow your mind to make images using the tiny cues from, perhaps, water ripples or reflections. Meanwhile, if you are scrying for an answer to a question, keep it in your mind but do not speculate, just let it float in the background as the memory of a question you have asked, while you wait for a result.

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The result may not be an answer to the specific question. It may be that another topic is more important, or that the question was phrased in a way that is not productive. Take what you get. It's okay to make quick notes as you go along, if you're getting a lot of images.

Then there is interpretation.

Getting a lot of different images may simply be repetition, as your mind sorts through different ways of saying the same thing. Especially if you read a lot or see a lot of movies, you may find multiple images with the same meaning. Once you have some images to interpret, it is up to you to find out or figure out what they mean to you. Part of learning to scry is learning to interpret your personal vocabulary. Someone else might get an identical image with a completely different meaning because they have different personal associations. I once knew a person who "got" actual words rather than pictures. Take whatever you "get" and observe it, but remember that words can be tricky. Occasionally, especially if scrying for someone else, you may find that an image that means nothing to you is very significant to them. When in doubt, report the exact image rather than your interpretation.

If an image is totally mystifying, make a note of it (with the date and time) and set it aside. You may find out later it was relevant.

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Practice helps. And if it should turn out that water doesn't seem to work for you, you can try scrying with other materials, (some people use candle flames. or the smoke from incense) or simply closing your eyes and watching your mind. (I scried once on a pair of fancy socks, when my mind wandered from the crystal I was trying to use.) If you want to scry using just a candle, do not stare directly at the flame. Instead, you might keep your eyes half closed and gaze at the glow through your eyelids. Always keep your safety in mind as well: keep flammable objects away from the flame.

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©2004 by Tamar Lindsay, known in the Society for Creative Anachronism as Baroness Tamar the Gypsy. Used by permission.