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by Arastorm the Golden

To protect a house from evil and sorcery, make a horseshoe red-hot. Hang it over the door and never remove it. To keep away evil spirits and dreams, nail it to your bed.

Against the Evil Eye or witchcraft, wear braided hair, clothing, or jewelry with an interlaced pattern. It will entangle the malicious gaze.

Another method against psychic attack is to cast a magic circle around the area of anticipated attack, e.g., your living room or bedroom. Alternately, you can visualize and, periodically psychically strengthen, a golden egg or globe around your body which destructive influences cannot penetrate. A similar technique, which may be used for people too weak to use their own psychic force, is to sprinkle the person or area with Holy Water. The energy with which the Christian Church charges its Holy Water is primarily directed at healing and protecting. It may bother a few Christians to think about it, but the energy-charged water will work for anyone of any faith. (Of course, most psychically active folk know how to charge their own.)

If there is a specific spirit or Entity bothering you, the first ploy to attempt is to tell him firmly to Go Away! In many cases, this works because you were a random choice at a point when you were feeling weak; and when your strength returned, you had gotten so used to the pest that you didn't think to try it.

© 2002 by Virginia Fair Richards-Taylor, Known as Arastorm the Golden in the SCA. Used by Permission