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The Soothsayers' Guild is an organization composed of the Guildmistress or Guildmaster, Seers/Seeresses, Journeymen, and Apprentices. Requirements for these ranks in each category of work and study will be published in the future, but these are the standards:

  1. Has a willingness to learn Soothsaying.
  2. Has an interest in a chosen discipline or disciplines.
  3. In the case of certain techniques, owns or has access to the required instruments and any needed reference material. It is preferable for an Apprentice to find a teacher (Seer or Journeyman) to help with getting started and provide coaching in the basics.
  4. Has a willingness to practice while learning. An Apprentice should not read "professionally" for others until "cleared" by his/her teacher, or unless the teacher is present in order to help the Apprentice at need.

  1. Shows a basic expertise in a particular technique and a general knowledge of others.
  2. Is able to give a smooth reading without coaching by others and has confidence in his/her Soothsaying.
  3. Owns his/her own equipment or apparatus, if needed for the discipline being followed.
  4. Has had Journeyman status recommended by the teacher and confirmed by other Journeymen and/or Seers active in this discipline, as well as the Guildmistress/ Guildmaster. A Journeyman may read "solo", without a teacher present, and is permitted to begin instruction of Apprentices.

Besides meeting all the requirements for Journeyman, members of this rank are expected to teach and to do research in his/her specialty or specialties as well as in related disciplines. A Seer should endeavor to publish research and instruction articles. She/he should have a general knowledge of most of the frequently used techniques (though not necessarily practicing them personally) and practice their own Art as frequently as possible, showing a high level of expertise. A Seer should know the difference between New Age and Medieval/Traditional knowldedge, and should, when saying sooth in a Guild capacity, use Medieval or Traditional, rather than New Age, techniques and methods of interpretation. Ideally, a Seer should have mastered several techniques and utilize them, and also encourage recruitment and aid in the training of Apprentices and Journeymen. They are also (when requested) responsible for helping arrange for Guild members' participation in Society events or mundane (Renaissance Faire type) activities in which the SCA has been invited to participate.

Approval of the Guildmistress or Guildmaster is required for advancement to this rank.

A Seer may read for a Querent or supervise readings by Apprentices and Journeymen, and is encouraged to recruit Apprentices and train them for advancement to higher ranks.

  1. Abide by the spirit as well as the letter of the Guild Charter.
  2. Do your best to attend events in your capacity as a Soothsayer; people are always interested in the Future.
  3. Do not force a reading on anyone; read only when requested to (and preferably off to the side unless asked). Do not impose any occult beliefs you may hold on others at an SCA event!
  4. Note that Their Majesties always have permanent call on our services; be prepared to give them a reading whenever requested.
  5. Keep in practice!
  6. Never, never predict outcomes of Pennsic Wars, Crown Tourneys, etc.!!
  7. Do not make book.
  8. Always be courteous, and take the Querent' s questions seriously.
  9. Before saying Sooth at an event, ask the Autocrat's permission.
  10. Remember that presentation of the prediction is important; throughout history the best Soothsayers have, besides skill in their Art, had a certain flair for Good Theatre. Don't mumble! You're on stage, as it were, when you're divining.