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General Information from Mistress Arwen
The Soothsayers' Guild was chartered as a Kingdom Guild in A. S. XII and encompasses a variety of disciplines in the field of divination and prophecy. Among the most popular categories with SCA members are:

The technique of divination by means of portents, including omens and dreams.

Primarily Tarot reading, but also other techniques using part or all of a standard deck of playing cards such as the Swedish card system. Cartomancy divination is usually valid for the person asking for a prophecy (the "Querant").

Reading patterns derived from the fall of such items as coins, grain, stones, bones, wands etc. to predict the future. I Ching, Runesticks, Grain Casting and Salt Casting fall in this category. Casting techniques may predict for an individual or a group.

Divination by study of planetary and solar alignments at a point in time.

The use of numbers (and the numerical values of letters) and their associations as a means of prediction.

Palmistry Cheiromancy
The study of the lines and topography of the whole hand (or only the palm) in determining a person's character and future.

The study of the human body in order to determine a person's character and future. Palmistry is a specialized application of physiognomy.

The study of the distribution, pattern, and character of moles, interpreted zodiacally, in determining a person's character and future. This is a specialized form of physiognomy.

Prediction by means of patterns in tea or coffee grounds in a cup. Zodiacal interpretation, as well as general patterning, may also be used to divine for the Querant. Molten lead and wax patterns fall in this catergory

Prediction from visualization in a crystal ball, flame, dark mirror, bowl of water, etc. This is a form of precognition prophecy.

Many other techniques have been used in soothsaying, but the above categories seem to encompass those most frequently used in the Society.